Twenty-Four Holiday Movies in 24 Days

Jack Bauer


This year, I take no prisoners! This Year I’m going through the following 24 movies/specials on every night leading up to Christmas.

Since I’ll be watching these after work, these posts will show up somewhat late…and some may be short cuz…y’know…I ain’t Jack Bauer and I’ve got to sleep sometime! (Plus work!)

Here is the list (which will be pinned to the top of this page) of the movies and specials I’ll be going through and will be updated with a link to the review (in no particular order):

  1. Gremlins
  2. A Christmas Story
  3. Elf
  4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
  5. Miracle on 34th Street
  6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon
  7. Polar Express
  8. Home Alone
  9. Die Hard
  10. Nightmare Before Christmas
  11. Charlie Brown Christmas
  12. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
  13. Muppet Christmas Carol
  14. It’s a Wonderful Life
  15. Muppets Family Christmas
  16. Mixed Nuts
  17. Christmas Office Party
  18. Christmas in South Park
  19. Star Wars Christmas Special
  20. Love Actually
  21. Scrooged
  22. Babes in Toyland
  23. Bad Santa
  24. The Night Before 




Twas The Night Before Christmas…


I’ll go on record in saying The Night Before will forever become a staple in my Christmas viewing pleasure. Up there with Scrooged, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation.

I know you all are focusing on Christmas by now. So that’s why this one is posted early and will be short.

I’d like to thank you all who joined me on this awesome December adventure of some of my favourite Christmas movies (and some I’ve never seen before). Maybe there’s a few you’d give a try…and others may just reaffirm the reason why you NEVER want to watch them.

In any case, before I go, I’d like to share with you my FAVOURITE scene from The Night Before that gets me EVERY TIME!

9.7 Recreation Drugs out of 10


A Miracle On Every Street


I’m away from my home base this evening and watching the original Miracle on  34th Street with my family…well…I did. I’m not typing this up at the same time as I’m watching it!

So I’m going to keep this short and take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas! This is the penultimate entry to my 24 movies in 24 days. And some nights were harder than others to get this posted on time.

Just like It’s A Wonderful Life…there’s something about these black and white classics that just seem more magical. They were the O.G.’s of Christmas movies. They were the template for which all future Christmas movies would be based.

And it’s the kind of magic that makes you still believe like a kid again.


9.9 Letters to Santa out of 10



Love Actually Connections


I’m sure those of you who consider Love Actually one of their favourite Christmas movies don’t need me to tell you so. And those who don’t are probably at least aware that it’s always in Top 10 lists around the world.

So I won’t bother getting into actually reviewing Love Actually (“It’s good!”). Instead, I’m going to do a different tactic. I’m going to see how many different “Love Actually Connections” there are to other famous TV shows and movies since then.

Let’s start with the obvious one:

  • Andrew Lincoln is now the lead actor in a little show called The Walking Dead.


  • That scene with Andrew Lincoln with the cue cards was directly inspired by Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”.
  • Liam Neeson became the most intimidating dad/hired killer in Taken.


  • Colin Firth became a kick ass spy from the Kingsmen.
  • Yes…three of the most awesome action heroes the past decade all starred in this movie!
  • Alan Rickman and Billy Bob Thornton also appears in the second Christmas movie for my list this year.
  • Unknowns (at the time) who turned into big stars include Keira Knightly (Pirates of the Caribbean), January Jones (Mad Men), Martin Freeman (The Hobbit and Sherlock), and Chiwetel Ejiofor (tons of stuff!).
  • Rodrigo Santoro had a small role in LOST back in the day!
  • The kid, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, not only is a star in the Mazerunner movies but also voices Ferb from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb.
  • Speaking of Phineas and Ferb, Olivia Olson voices Doofensmirz’s daughter, Vanessa, AND on Adventure Time, she voices Marceline.


  • Mr. Bean’s Rowan Atkinson appears in a supporting role and also stars on one of my favourite Christmas Specials ever!


There…that should hold ya over for a bit!

8 Cue Cards out of 10

love card

John Ritter isn’t Bad Santa


Did y’all know that this was John Ritter’s last live action movie role before he died? I know, I know. This is EXACTLY the fact that you want to hear so close to Christmas. But lets turn this sad news around a bit.

Let’s look at how absolutely endearing and funny person Mr. John Ritter was.


john ritter

Overall, John Ritter aside, Bad Santa was a pretty good Christmas flick. The ending was a little bittersweet but the good characters ended up happy, the bad characters ended up in jail and the bad characters with heart ended up somewhere in between.

7.3 Pink Elephants out of 10

bad elephant


25th Anniversary of A Muppets Christmas Carol

muppets xmas carol

Wow! Time has passed. A Muppet’s Christmas Carol was first released on December 11, 1992. Twenty-Five Years.

And this version of the Scrooge story is still as classic as ever! It’s probably my second favourite version other than the 1951 Alastair Sims version.

It also features one of my favourite Muppet creations ever devised by the Henson Creature Shop: The Ghost of Christmas Past. It was both eerie and magical.

ghost past 2

And it’s also one of my favourite musicals…period. I mean…c’mon…when you can put a line like “Cheeses for us Meeses” into a song and it totally fits, it’s gotta be good!


I’m sure all of you have seen this by now but if you haven’t, do yourself a favour and pop it in!

8.9 Sleeps Til Christmas out of 10 (actually it’s less than that!)




Adam Ruins It’s A Wonderful Life

it's a wonderful

Oh no! Not me! I love It’s A Wonderful Life! It’s one of the all time bests for me. Every year I tend to only really remember from the part when George first meets Clarence until the magical end. I always forget how good the hour and a half lead up to that is.

Actually, if you want to check out my VERY FIRST REAL TIME REVIEWS of It’s A Wonderful Life where I tweeted it live as I watched it, Read this flashback Rankatron! It’s a fun read.

No…It’s not THIS Adam that’s going to tell you the truth about It’s a Wonderful Life.

It’s this other Adam. Adam Connover. He’s a comedian that uncovers the truth behind certain beliefs. Such as how It’s a Wonderful Life didn’t used to be a Christmas staple for many. The movie just happened to be in the right place as the right time. Watch this! Watch as Adam Connover uncover the truth of It’s A Wonderful Life!

And it’s ALL TRUE! You can verify it yourself! And without this happening, this movie might’ve been forgotten in time.

10 Alternate Timelines out of 10

It's a wonderful life gif

Babes (Neo) in Toyland

babes toy 2

Before there was Bill and Ted…

Before there was Sandra Bullock and Speed…

Before there was The Matrix…

Before there was John Wick…

Neo (Keanu Reeves) starred in Babes in Toyland.

Toyland must be one of the earlier versions of the Matrix that was mentioned in the movies. It fills in a lot of blanks that I’ve always wondered like:

  • Was Drew Barrymore just high or drunk imagining Toyland?
  • Why didn’t this hat catch on after this movie?

babes hat

  • Was this video from 90’s legendary sketch show Mr. Show with Bob and David as sequel to this movie?
  • Was Wizard of Oz a prequel to this since both movies involve a young girl getting knocked silly and visits a strange world?
  • What’s the exchange rate of Cookie Currency in Toyland to Bitcoin?
  • Did the final battle scene between the Toy Soldiers and the monsters inspire the bloody battle scenes from Braveheart?

In any case, I enjoyed my first watching of Babes In Toyland. And the twist of the Toymaster being Santa at the end was the most obvious twist since realizing Clark Kent and Superman are the same dude.

6.5 Keanu Whoa’s out of 10

keanu whoa