Mystery of Mysteryguitarman

Who is Mysteryguitarman?

For those not familiar with the YouTube mini-show movement and its development of internet celebs, Mysteryguitarman became a sensation almost overnight with one incredibly creative and fun stop-cut video over a year ago involving him, his guitar and Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro.

Since then, he’s posted new vids just as creative every Tuesday and Thursday earning hit quite a following and spawning a second “Behind The Scenes” channel so fans can see how he made what he made. Watching some of these videos is like experiencing a university study all-nighter cramming for the final exam but the end result is usually sheer amazement. The dude knows his computer stuff and his music.

He often asks his followers what they’d like to see and he challenges himself to meeting those goals no matter how difficult (clones of himself, vuvuzelas, Pop-Tart boxes). Check out his latest and watch how he makes something incredibly hard look deceiving easy.



The Power of Words

I’ve often considered myself a wordsmith of sorts, a wielder of power at the end of a pen, a clickity-clacker of buttons at the end of my fingers. But to see the sheer strength of words laid out in a wonderfully apt movie short makes me understand how much power there can be. How one word can take on so much meaning…so much beauty…and pain…and happiness…and subtle hilarity.

This video comes from the amazing group at NPR’s Radiolab…a great podcast/radioshow in itself. But I couldn’t pass up mentioning this one.

How many words do you get?