25th Anniversary of A Muppets Christmas Carol

muppets xmas carol

Wow! Time has passed. A Muppet’s Christmas Carol was first released on December 11, 1992. Twenty-Five Years.

And this version of the Scrooge story is still as classic as ever! It’s probably my second favourite version other than the 1951 Alastair Sims version.

It also features one of my favourite Muppet creations ever devised by the Henson Creature Shop: The Ghost of Christmas Past. It was both eerie and magical.

ghost past 2

And it’s also one of my favourite musicals…period. I mean…c’mon…when you can put a line like “Cheeses for us Meeses” into a song and it totally fits, it’s gotta be good!


I’m sure all of you have seen this by now but if you haven’t, do yourself a favour and pop it in!

8.9 Sleeps Til Christmas out of 10 (actually it’s less than that!)





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