The Rankatron On The Junos!


In about 5 minutes (excluding interruptions to retrieve PB cookies baking in the oven), I will be doing a live blog of the Junos hosted by Drake featuring the lovefest of Justin Beiber.

I expect that the animal on the back of our nickle will change from the Beaver to the Beiber by the end of tonight.

Just sayin’!

Enjoy the show!

9:07PM I think the world is going to explode in a bad way with Beiber/Drake singing Sarah McLaughlin. Funny intro though.

9:10PM The Juno for best homemade PB cookies goes to me. I didn’t even know I was nominated. At least, I can focus on the show now. So what did I miss?

9:13PM Drake is now kicking out some Informer. I’ll inform them it’s probably not the best idea. We tried to bury to forget that. Your setting us back YEARS!

9:16PM Arcade Fire won Group of the Year! Woo Hoo! I’m predicting a Canadian Sweep! On an unrelated note, I didn’t know that Deadmou5e was Canadian.

9:23pm Hope Sarah McLachlan kicks out a version of Drake and Rihanna’s “What’s My Name” to counter the Drake & Beiber intro. Even though she calls Van-city her home…Halifax will claim her.

9:25pm Fan Choice Award: Beiber feiber wins!

9:33pm Arcade Fire for song writer of the year? They’re a group not a single writer. I call shinanigans. And why wasn’t Beiber in that?

9:35pm I remember the innocent days when Headley used to be a lil’ headley on Canadian Idol a few years ago. I’m glad he’s done good.

9:48pm Shania Twain. You’ve been in my Hall of Fame for years! Congrats!

9:55pm Shania Twain: “I love our bush.” Might be quote of the night. Vish from CBC Radio 3 is have a field day with in on his Twitter. UPDATE: Found a youtube clip for it…

10:01 Awesome Toronto tribute and it’s place in music. It’s a great city. I’ve lived there for a bit. It gets a hard wrap from the rest of Canada but it truly is a city that can rival any other in the world.

10:14 The musical tribute after the montage featured Sarah Harmer, The Sadies and City and Colour singing old Canadian tunes was awesome. If someone posts it to youtube or anywhere, I’ll place it here.

10:18 Meaghan Smith wins Best New Artist of the Year. Dunno anything about her…how ’bout you Google?

10:27 Not much to report so far except maybe that Vish Kanna of CBC Radio 3 just asked Shania Twain about the “I love  our bush” comment in the media room. The crowd carried him on his shoulders around the room afterwards. I might’ve made that last part up.

10:33 Single of the Year: K’naan for “Wavin’ Flag”

10:40 Old Money 4 Life! Drake hip hops it up with some ol’ folk. I’m uncool for using the phrase “hip hop’s it up”.

10:45 Yoko Ono reminds us that she was naked in a hotel room in Montreal for peace a long time ago…with some other dude.

10:54 Pop Album of the Year: Beiberiffic! That’s two! Begs the question: why didn’t make it to Toronto for the show? He got no love at the Grammys but showed up live. Here he wins and mails in a vid?

11:01 Neil Young is getting the Humanitarian Award. His body of work is deserving of that alone. And a note to any movie producers out there, PLEASE get Jeff Bridges play Neil Young in his movie.

Why Neil Young’s great…

11:15 It’s Arcade Fire tearing up the stage with Rococo. Wanna another vid?

11:22 Neil Young wins Artist of the Year over Beibs, Sarah Mclaghlan, Johnny Ried and Drake. He asks “What year is this?” It’s your year, sir.

11:30 I’ve never heard of Chromeo before tonight but they win me over with the 80’s throwback vibe.

11:35 Album of the year: Arcade Fire! In honour of their multiple wins, I’m going to go burn an old Donkey Kong machine.

That’s all folks. Drake didn’t wow but didn’t suck either. He kept it even keel.

Goodnight all! And sweet dreams under the Harvest Moon.


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