The 2011th edition of the Rankatron

There can be only one...

Since the advent of counting upwards instead of downwards to designate years, the Rankatron has been around for 2011 of those years…give or take 1994 of them. For this New Year, I’d like to share and organize this ship so it’s in shape.

First some house keeping, I intend on completing the Ultimate Rankatron that I had begun in September 2010. I had no clue it would take as long as it has but it will be completed and all posts relating to the Ultimate Rankatron list shall be listed as “(Name of Movie) vs The Rankatron”…as in “Toy Story 2 vs The Rankatron”.

Also, since we’re entering awards season, I’ll be conducting my yearly reviews of movies nominated for the Best Movie Oscar to see if they still deserve to give out awards. I’ll be writing a post for that shortly after the announcement of the nominees on January 25th, 2011. Then I’ll have about a month to watch them all…if I didn’t knock off some already (i.e. The King’s Speech). I’ll come up with some clever title like “Ranking the Buzz” or something like that. Yeah…not that clever…I’ll work on it.

All new reviews of any kind will have some kind of ridiculous pun in the title. I can’t be to blame for some of these. I’m only a medium of expression bordering on a large of expression…which reminds me that I need to cut down my carbs. Sorry…but you see what you’re in for?

Also, as an added surprise, at some point in the indeterminate future, I intend on either starting a Youtube channel or an iTunes podcast with my reviews. How frequent is this going to be? I dunno yet. How long is the show going to be? Not sure. Are there going to be celebs? Maybe…not. But as soon as I figure out the mechanics on how this is going to work, I’ll pass it on. You may actually be seeing or hearing my voice (can you see a voice?)…but this is no surprise to those of you who’ve already met me…and probably mildly disappointing.

Lastly, I shall leave you with two things:

  1. this won’t be my “freebie” blog post of the Saturday entry…you’re going to get another. It’s been scheduled.
  2. this quote from comedian, George Burns: “I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.”

And I guess a third…I hope all have HAPPY RANK YEAR!!!

Baby 2011 is gonna be bad-ass!


2 thoughts on “The 2011th edition of the Rankatron

    • Hi Math games, Thanks for the feedback.

      I’m not sure what about the post isn’t working but I just checked the view on Firefox and everything looks fine. If you’re able to clarify, that would help out.

      Thanks again for sharing!

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