The best videos of 2010

It’s an early Christmas Eve present from the makers of the Rankatron to all of vous! And barring any sort of amazing videos in the next week, this post should be incredibly accurate.

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed the beauty of double rainbows, gravity defying performances, roller skating made a comeback (or will next year thanks to Picnicface), and, in a sub par SNL year, they still delivered on their digital shorts.

So here’s the Rankatron’s of the best videos of 2010.

Double Rainbow Guy

Out of any year in the past, this is the first year that YouTube stars started to break into the mainstream. Most of them unintentional as with this brilliant display of extreme gratitude over one of nature’s most beautiful displays. This dude (named Paul “Bear” Vasquez, a former cage fighter) got interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, an AutoTune song made after him, spoofed by and even got a phrased coined after the video (“This brownie is sooo good it’s double rainbow good”).

Bed Intruder Song

Hats off to Antoine Dodson (the un-expected YouTube star) who took a spoofed video of his serious interview about his sister being sexually assaulted and house invasion and spun it into a lucrative (and short-term) career. The props for this video should go more towards the AutoTune the News guys (The Gregory Brothers) who used their talents to make Dodson look good…but it seems that Dodson was the one who benefited. And good for him. This catchy tune actually peaked at #89 on the Billboard top 100 and it was YouTube’s most popular video of 2010. If you’ve never watched it, do yourself a favour and prepare to tap your feet…against your better judgement. But Dodson got to perform the song on the BET awards…so I guess it makes this alright to watch.

Fighting Gravity Best performance

You may have seen black light performances before but nothing as creative or as innovative as these SoCal guys (who all quit school for a semester to perform on America’s Got Talent). Fighting Gravity ended up not winning but if they ever roll into town, I’d snap up a ticket to see this new age Blue Man Group.

Jackie Evancho

When I first heard this on America’s Got Talent, I got shivers. It’s because she’s sooo cool. Totally makes sense in the Year of the YouTube star that she got on the show through a YouTube video.

Watermelon Fail

FAIL! But Nat and Kat shook this off on the first episode of the Amazing Race to grab second place. It’s probably less painful than it looked but…DAMN!!!!

SNL Great Day

I’ve always been a fan of SNL’s Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island crew. They add a bit of lethal marshmellowy topping to a vanilla SNL. This one…I was shocked to have seen on the actual show…but at the same time, I’m glad they did.

Rollertown Telethon Promo

Picnicface. Who? I said Picnicface. You’ll hear of them soon enough. They’re a Canadian comedy troupe from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They became an internet sensation with their Powerthirst video that caught Will Farrell’s eye and spun them into online stardom. They perform a weekly show in Halifax and release new hilarious videos from time to time such as “The Button”. One of the performers, Mark Little, won the 2009 Great Canadian Laugh-Off from Yuk Yuks. And the troupe just landed a 13 show deal on Comedy to be released sometime in the future…that’s all I know. This promo was for their 24-hour telethon to raise money for their rollerskate movie spoof called “Rollertown”. The trailer for the movie is brilliant on its own but this promo speaks volumes of who they are. And contrary to all the links in this paragraph…there are two girls in the troupe too. Ladies Representin!

Troy Palumalu’s Head and Shoulders Commercial

This one makes me smile every time. Awww Troy.

Old Spice Guy

I know when I look back on this a year from now this is going to be one of those “you had to be there” things. But when it was in its hey day, it was as funny as the Wassup guys from yesteryear.

Technically this was Christmas 2009…but it’s sooo Epic!

The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a 2009 Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy its full glory one last time (and because I didn’t do this last year.)

Katy Perry PG-13’s Elmo!

I personally don’t see anything wrong with this video…but I’m a guy. Then I had to think about that little kids will be watching this and realized…yeah, it’s probably wrong.

…which led to this on SNL…

Jimmy Fallon actually did a GREAT job at the Emmys in 2010…

To me, Jimmy Fallon is hit or miss. When he’s on fire, he’s as awesome as any SNL alum and he can nail a ton of impressions. When he’s off, he’s painful to watch. During the Emmys, Fallon was on. And this is what we got. Special props to Hurley from Lost keeping up with everyone else.

Like a Bosh by the Basketball Jones

I almost missed this little diddy from the Canadian basketball podcast turned TV show duo. It is pretty clever spoof of another The Lonely Island song called “Like a Boss”.

And speaking of The Lonely Island, here’s the final entry…

“I Just Had Sex” featuring Akon

Well, that’s all until the New Year! I may post again sometime over the next week if the urge challenges me but expect a brand new post New Years day and every Wednesday and Saturday after that!

In the meantime, I would like to wish you all a Happy Holidays and a great New Year…except for China, you don’t change until February…but we’ll still invite you to the party. You’re cool.


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