The Walking Dead of Winter

Traffic's always good during Zombie Rush Hour.

I’m a little behind but I really wanted to give my impressions of this incredibly innovative series.

I’m talking about that Zombie drama called “The Walking Dead“. For those unacclimatized, check this out:

Now there’s probably a lot of you out there (me included) who think “zombies” and can’t get by the “Night of the Living Dead” or “28 Days Later” version of the undead. Unlike those stories which focus upon the zombies themselves, “The Walking Dead” instead uses zombies the same way military dramas use war: simply as a backdrop. We’re pulled into the characters and how different people cope different ways to an apocalypse such as this.

We experience this world through the eyes of a police officer named Frank  Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) who’s flawed confidence leads him on a road to find his family then to salvation. Does he find it? Well, considering that The Walking Dead got picked up for a second season after a short six-episode first season…probably not.

The show got a great launch point with the premiere happening on Halloween Night to one of the largest audiences in cable history. From there, they ate up competition like a “geek” hoard through the streets of Atlanta. The nail-biting finale proved that this story has much more left in its tank besides a simple story of a piece of humanity trying to survive.

Those of you who’ve been privy to the graphic novel version of The Walking Dead knows where the story is going. I’m excited to see some parts come to reality (like The Governor and the woman with the two swords…possible spoiler if they go down that direction).

Stand out performances include:

  • Andrew Lincoln starring as Frank Grimes (you’ve seen him before in Love Actually) carries the show as a police officer who falls into a coma for two months but re-awakens in a world of chaos and braaaaaaains!
  • Steven Yeun as Glenn, the former pizza delivery driver who specializes in sneaking around. (He’s a newbie on the acting front with one episode of Big Bang Theory under his belt.)
  • Jon Bernthal (The Pacific, Eastwick and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian) as Shane Walsh, as Grimes best friend and partner (who ended up hooking up with Grimes’s wife during the zombie war).
  • Jeffrey DeMunn (Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile) as the friendly old guy, Dale, who is the unofficial Papa Smurf of the survivors.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break) as Frank Grimes’s wife Lori who walks a tightrope between rekindling their relationship and trying to put a stop to the blossoming one with Shane…all while protecting their son from the truth of everything.

I’m excited the path this series takes and I’ll be watching it religiously when it eventually comes back for Season 2 in October 2011 with a full 13 episodes.

Do yourself a favour and sit down to watch this show…not to be frightened because it’s not a horror like that (though there are a few “Holy Sh!t” moments and as bloody as True Blood)…but to be genuinely entertained with one of the best new dramas on TV. (PS…while your at it, read Max Brooks’s novel “World War Z“…not related to the movie but a very good read…and where else am I going to get away hyping two zombie things at once.)

Lastly, to get you in the mood (in case you need some more convincing), here’s some Cranberries…

9.0 severed hands out of 10

(For Season 1)

I think my contact's over here, guys.


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