Rankatron On Hiatus

High Ate Us

Like Conan O’Brian, I’ll be going on hiatus on my Ultimate Rankatron except it won’t be for nine months. Instead it’ll be much sooner…and it has nothing to do with any particular network.

The reason? I’m taking up Ultimate Fighting because I realized that I truly can run an Ultimate Rankatron unless I’m as Ultimate as I can be.

But don’t fret…in the meantime, I’ll be releasing Rankatron Retro articles: old articles from my archive that I thought were half decent. This’ll come out every Wednesday and Saturday until the beginning of December. The first one will be tomorrow…with my VERY first Rankatron (that’s been posted online.)

Then I’ll be back on the saddle to bring this baby on home.


One thought on “Rankatron On Hiatus

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