Horror Triple-Header

Good Eeeeeevening!

(Please note: Due to my hiatus, the remaining reviews for this post will happen shorty after I return. I’ve not forgotten about these. They will appear again like Freddy Krueger in your nightmares!!!!)

Three full days before Halloween. Three full days of movie mayhem from the Ultimate Rankatron list.

During this time I’ll be knocking through three movies of the scary persuasion. One of them is a true suspense thriller (Vertigo), one has a lot of ghosts (LOTR: Return of the King), one is a movie that scared the Reeces Pieces outta me when I first saw it in theatres when I was younger (E.T.). I hid under the seats for a good portion of this movie when friendly little E.T. popped outta that shed and into Elliott’s room.

So first up: Vertigo…I need some background music for this one:

Quick stats:

  • Starring that endearing James Stewart and the talented Kim Novak.
  • Viewed as one of Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest movies even though he himself wasn’t too fond of it.
  • Lukewarm reception in theatres. Hitchcock blamed Stewart for this because he was too old to play the love interested of a woman half his age.
  • Nominated for two Oscars in 1958: Best Sound and Best Art Direction. Lost both.
  • Became the second behind Citizen Kane as one of the most acclaimed movies ever made according to “They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They?”
  • AFI’s Top Mystery movie of all-time.

For the middle one, I bring you Middle Earth with Return of the King. Aragorn fears no thing live nor dead.

  • The final action-packed installment of Peter Jackson’s brilliant Lord of the Ring Trilogy.
  • Won a record 11 Oscars in 2003. A current record. Take that Titanic!
  • The only trilogy to be shot over the same period of time.
  • At the premiere in Wellington, New Zealand, an estimated 100,000 people lined up to see it.
  • At one time, held the single highest opening day gross on record at $34.5 million. And second film in history to gross $1 billion at the box office (Titanic being the first).

And finally, the little alien that stole our hearts and became the coolest Halloween costume ever, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. (Check out the wicked Yoda get-up!)

  • Stephen Spielberg based E.T. on his imaginary friend he created when his parents divorced in 1960.
  • Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes as the greatest Sci-Fi movie ever made.
  • Features a five-year old Drew Barrymore as Elliott’s sister, Gertie. She got the role because she pretended to be a punk rocker.
  • E.T. was voiced by Pat Welsh, an elderly woman who smoked two-packs of cigarettes a day that helped her achieve E.T.’s raspy voice. Who ever said smokes were bad for ya?
  • Columbia Pictures passed on the script calling it a “wimpy Disney movie”.
  • Three actors performed as E.T. during the filming donning the alien costume: two dwarves (Pat Bilon, Tamara De Treax) and a 12-year old boy with no legs (Matthew De Merritt).
  • Originally, M&M’s were supposed to be E.T.’s candy of choice but that company (Mars, Incorporated) found the creature too ugly and wouldn’t allow it. So Reece’s Pieces got the call.
  • Filmed under the name A Boy’s Life during production.
  • Nominated for 9 Oscars including Best Picture but lost out to Gandhi. When Gandhi’s director, Richard Attenborough accepted his award he admitted that ” [he] was certain that not only would E.T. win, but that it should win. It was inventive, powerful, [and] wonderful.”
  • When rereleased for its 20th anniversary in 2002, the special edition had removed all images of guns and weapons with walkie-talkies and keys. Also, E.T. gets a CGI upgrade in some scenes. Some viewed these “improvements” unnecessary and borderline sacrilege (i.e. me).

So while you’re all getting ready for your terrifying night out…whether it’s to parties or treating or regular mayhem. Just remember. You never exactly know when, where or who the Rankatron is going to strike. It may tomorrow…it may be the next day…it may be about the person down the street or the type of food in the market. It may be lurking behind you right now…ready to rank YOU!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Remember…you don’t know where it’s gonna getcha! (P.S. Poor kid)

For all trailers, check out the Vod Pod to the right or my Ultimate Rankatron original post.


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