Independence Day or how many ways can you kill humanity?

In light of the recent asteroid buzzby, the BP spilling coffee in the Gulf, the potential Qu’ran burning in Gainstown, Florida, and effin’ FIRE TORNADOES, it’s apparent that we’re in the End of Days and humanity as we know it is on its last legs. God has spoken.

So with that bleak view of the world, I bring you the next movie on the list (also because I own it): Indpendence Day…or as it was called back during the hype engine of 1996: ID4. This made little sense unless there were three other Independence Day prequels I wasn’t aware of.

Thanks to the wonders of the IMDB, I searched for the prequels and lo-and-behold there were some prequels.

ID1 – The Declaration of Independence (1938) – A Oscar Award winning (Best Short) little ditty featuring Thomas Jefferson and Caesar Rodney (who cast the deciding vote on passing the Declaration) resulting in setting the scene for Bill Pullman’s inspirational Presidential speech in ID4.

ID2 – Independence Day (1983) – The only description I can find is that it is about “A small town [being] a hard place for a big dream”. This could only mean a big-ass alien ship.

ID3 -Wonder Years Independence Day Series Finale – Click me to watch the clip! I’m convinced that Paul is related to Jeff Goldblum…and the happy finale is a perfect set up for some alien smackdown!

Which brings us to Independence Day.

Some stats:

  • Directed and penned by Roland Emmerich who also two other “Humanity is F*CK’D” movies 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow.
  • Will Smith was always the first choice for the lead role.
  • Harry Connick Jr’s role as Captain Jimmy Wilder was first offered to Matthew Perry but he pulled out at the last moment.
  • At one point was the second highest grossing film in history right behind Jurassic Park but has since dropped to 25th on the list.
  • Won Best Visual Effects at the Oscars  and nominated for Best Sound.
  • Other awards: Won People’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Picture, A Grammy award for composer David Arnold, Best Kiss at the MTV movie awards (probably between Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith), and Kid’s Choice Aeard for Best Movie.
  • Nominated for Golden Raspberry for Worst Written Film that Grossed over $100 million but lost to Twister. Worthy advesary.
  • Bill Clinton got a private screening before the release of the film…no doubt to collect advance knowledge of the alien invasion.
  • The US Military originally offered the director use of actual military personel and equipment if the director removed all reference of Area 51 in the movie. Emerich refused and the military pulled out their offer.
  • Spawned a British radio show version called “Independence Day UK” done in the style of the original and legendary Orson Welles War of The World radio broadcasts but from the POV of the UK.

After the filming was all said and done, the aliens from the movie never worked again and they have had a lot of things to “work through” as explained in this exclusive clip.

Whatever your view of ID4, the most exciting news is the possibility of two sequels already partially announced this year will Will Smith announcing that if it happens, he’s good to go.

And so am I.


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