Random Ranks for Jan 27, 2010

Fisheries Minister gets PIED – 7 cans of whipped cream out of 10

First…take a look at this video…it’s alright…I’ll come back…

Alright, I’ve got a few observations about this video:

  • the PETA protester had been sitting in the front row at the beginning of the press conference. She would need to have this pie on her lap in plain view. Did not anyone find it strange that a “reporter” had a pie on her lap? Did they assume this was her lunch?
  • the container looks like a take-out food container of a certain chinese food place in Ontario. This doesn’t mean anything. Just noticed it. But it begs the question that if said protester frequents this chinese food restaurant and is against animal cruelty, wouldn’t she be sort of hypocritical to eat from a place that cooks animals and lathers them in yummy sauces?
  • this wasn’t the first “Pie-tack” in Canada. Former Prime Minister ate some pie from a protester back in 2000.

Now the reaction of Fisheries Minister, Gail Shea, just shrugs it off. Which is the right reaction. It’s a juvenile stunt that makes PETA look silly.

Here’s the complete OVER-reaction by a Liberal LP.

A terrorist attack? Really? Is someone getting pantsed a terror attack? Is a lugey or a wet willy a terror attack? Are millions of kids around the world be accused of terrorism because they delivered an atomic wedgie?

I get that PETA’s pissed about the seal hunt. And I agree with them partially that it’s cruel but I disagree that simply stopping the hunt is the way to go. I wont go into detail here because that’s a rant (Rank?) for another day.

So we have PETA celebrating their victory. The only true victory is getting in the news with a prank you see in at a staff party or charity event. But I seriously do applaud them for getting their message out again. In this day where things get buried in the news because of other stories, you need to do something out of the norm to get noticed.

But the real victors are these guys: The Pieminister…who are all laughing, laughing, laughing all the way to the bank.

…and us…because…really, it is mildly humourous to see someone get a pie in the face. Hence the ranking.

THE VICE GUIDE TO TRAVEL: LIBERIA ( 9 horrible rebellions out of 10)

A friend of mine introduced me to this documentary series posted to the tongue-in-cheek news site VBS.TV.

In the shadow of the disaster in Haiti and lost in the news of the war in the middle east is a tumultuous little country on the Atlantic Coast of Africa named Liberia.

Liberia, established by America in 1822 as a place for freed slaves to live and thrive, modelled their country after the U.S. Their capital city, Monroville, is named after then-US president James Monroe. Their flag is a copy of the US “Stars and Stripes” with the exception of one giant star replacing the US’s fifty. And American culture is apparent throughout. But that is where the similarities end.

In the past decade, Liberia has gone through rebellion after rebellion fostering an environment of cannabalism, drugs, disease, violence, and rape in front of a backdrop of a 1990’s US culture. The once beautiful country now house entire neighbourhoods living next to streets flooded with sewer water, beaches used as litterboxes, and kids used as sacraficial lambs.

This 8-part documentary series opens up this world and the residents who are trying against all odds to return their country back to it’s former glory. Check out this trailer and watch the series. There are things out there that you don’t know are happening and that the media never reports about.

This is one of them…

If that captured you, please check out the first three parts on the left column. The rest of this shocking series can be found at VBS.TV.


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