A Little Diddy about Flight of the Conchords

Somewhere between becoming a dad and today (a span of over 2 years), I’ve been in a haze. Hard to say what kind of haze but a haze similar to when you’d go out drinking long enough the night just becomes a blurr of snapshots…except with less sleep, and no benefit of a good buzz.

During this haze, something came on the scene that usually is on the forefront of my comedy radar (Comedar?) and I pick up right away. I’m talking about “The Flight of the Conchords”.

This parody folk band (self professed 4th Best in New Zealand) made up of two Kiwis has taken what Weird Al used to do and amped it up for the 21st Century.

Not to say that during this haze they didn’t make a blip on my radar…this was the first thing I saw of them…I don’t know when but sometime in the past couple years…

Now, that particular day I recalled that song…and this classic one:

Then…it disappeared into the baby haze until recently when (after so many friend-approved recommendations) people kept telling me “Yo Adam! Check dis Flizzle of the Cizzle!” I tell Snoop “Sorry, what?”. And he hands me a DVD and says “Drop it like it’s hot.” I assume the DVD player. So I did.

(Disclaimer: Snoop story possibly untrue. There is a slim chance I borrowed it from the library.)

It was Season 2 of their TV show…and I became instant fans from the 2nd episode and this AWESOME song:

Then this one:

And finally this epic one from Season 1:

With cameos from Art Garfunkle, John Turturro, Kristen Wiig, Will Forte, Aziz Ansari, Lucy Lawless, and John Hodgmen (the PC guy from the Mac Ads), they have developed quite a following.

Sadly, Bret and Jermaine of the Flight of the Conchords decided this past December to not continue the show and to focus on recording albums. So, like Seinfeld, this show ends at the top of it’s game and will most likely go down as one of the funniest comedies about the 4th greatest New Zealand parody folk duo of all time!


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